If you are planning to ship your vehicle with you to India, you will need to hire international vehicle shippers with thorough knowledge of important overseas automobile shipping laws and customs regulations to safely transport your car for you.

If you are transferring your residence to India, you may import one vehicle (or motorcycle). Your car may be admitted into the country if:

  • The car was in your ownership or possession for over a year
  • Payment for the car was made prior to your arrival in India.
  • Your car meets Euro III pollution norms
  • Your car is right hand drive (with certificate form manufacturer)
  • The car is shipped within six month of your arrival
  • The vehicle is not older than three years from date of manufacture
  • The vehicle has a speedometer indicating the speed in kilometers
  • You secure a bank bond for import trade authorities, stating not to sell the car for a specified period of time

Vehicles are dutiable (new vehicles incur duty of about 114 percent on customs' assessed value and used vehicles incur duty of about 169 percent of the value assessed by customs)

You will need the following documents:

  • Your passport (verifying two years residence abroad)
  • Original manufacturing invoice of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration/title (for at least one year, in your name)
  • Insurance policy
  • BL must state make, model, year, VIN, engine and chassis numbers
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